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Bowling Alleys
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Laurel Garden
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Meadowbrook Bowl
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New Dreamland Arena
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Newark Recreation Center6 Elizabeth Avenue
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Newark StadiumFrelinghuysen Avenue
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Prudential Arena
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School's StadiumBloomfield & Roseville Avenues
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Stadium MotordromeSouth Orange Avenue near Munn Avenue
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Weequahic Park
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Casino Roller Skating Rink - Washington & Marshall Streets


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Skateland - 58-62 Montgomery Street


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Random files - Buildings & Sites
Unknown, possibly Weequahic Park271 views
Photo from Mary Lou Dondarski
192 viewsFrom “Library of Congress”
January 28, 1912238 viewsMotordrome Men Incorporate
View from Hamilton Street246 viewsPhoto from Dan Silva.
159 viewsPhoto from NNJM
Gala Day Collage580 views1.—Walter R. Cox, W. H. Cane and J. M. Beldon after Mr. Cane had accepted the trophy which went to the Good Time Stable.
2.—Guy Ozark, Dickerson up, after the Arden Homestead Stable champion had trotted an exhibition mile.
3.—Barney Fralick and W. H. Dickinson of the Connecticut River Stock Farm, Hatfield, Mass., could not resist going over for the big day.
4.—After Dorwood Farm's mare, The Ripples, had won an event, with J. M. Beldon presenting the trophy to Driver Robley while Theo. Maxfield held the mare.
5.—When W. J. McDonald of Boston won an event with Albia Maxey he delegated Dr. J. T. McGlynn of the "Mets" to accept the trophy which George T. James presented.
6.—George T. James, Thomas Berry, J. M. Beldon, L. B. Sheppard and W. K. Dickerson lined up for THE TROTTER AND PACER photographer.
7.—The original Sam Williams, L. B. Sheppard and W. H. Cane can be clearly seen in this picture, but some cravenetted gentleman is trying to hide Walter Cox.
8.—Hazleton 2:013/4, the new champion four-year-old, doing his turn for the big crowd.
9.—Frank D. Phillips of Goshen and Job G. Sherman.
10.—Fireglow, the new champion racing two-year-old.

Image from the Oct 27, 1927 Trotter and Pacer magazine courtesy of Don Daniels
Postcard217 viewsImage from Michael Marino

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162 viewsPhoto from NNJMMar 08, 2018
136 viewsPhoto from NNJMMar 07, 2018
159 viewsPhoto from NNJMMar 07, 2018
Eddie Hasha164 viewsDied while racing at the Vailsburg Motordrome Stadium, September 8, 1912Feb 13, 2018
177 viewsFeb 13, 2018
147 viewsPhoto from Alberto ValdesFeb 13, 2018
124 viewsFeb 13, 2018
126 viewsFeb 13, 2018